Client Feedback

 Jerry has been key in assisting with my overall mental wellbeing. When first coming to him, I was having episodes of depression and lack of self worth. With his counseling and support, I have found that he has brought extreme clarity with issues I may not have understood otherwise. He responds to my email and checks in regularly which is extremely helpful. Knowing I have the support from a professional I can continuously count on in times of need, provides me with a sense of security that I will always have someone there who understands. Thanks for all you do Jerry with impacting the lives of others and most importantly mine 
 I have been going to counseling for over 15 years. I was beginning to think that I would never have peace with the things I had been through. I was still struggling with family issues, toxic behaviors and boundaries. I started counseling with Jerry Kuhn and tackling these issues one by one. I have made more progress in 6 months with Jerry than I have in 15 years of therapy. I like that Jerry is unbiased and supportive. He helped me see things through other peoples eyes and helped me begin to create a healthier, happier version of myself. I would highly recommend Jerry to anyone who wants to heal and free themselves. Thank you Jerry!  

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