I help Individuals and Families navigate through the troubled waters of life. If you struggle to find balance include suffering from Anxiety and Depression or you use Substances to manage your life, you have come to the right place. I provide counseling and psychotherapy in Englewood, FL and surrounding areas. I also provide online counseling via my secure portal to all who live or work in Florida.

My guess is that you’ve already tried everything in your arsenal, but you still can’t seem to make things work.

You’re looking for a counselor in who gets it, who’s down to earth, and who can help you get through this really difficult time in your life. You Googled 10 different phrases trying to find the right fit for you but quickly realized that there are 100+ therapists to choose from, and all of their blurbs start to sound the same after a while.

Helping You Find Calm & Peace When Life Becomes Too Much

My hope is that you find exactly what you’re looking for at Lemon Bay Mental Wellness Center. As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Therapist in Florida, I am able to offer quality counseling to help reduce your anxiety, depression or addiction.

I try to make the process of seeking psychotherapy easy and convenient for busy professionals, with 24/7 online scheduling, an online client portal, and the ability to conduct online therapy through a secure platform for those who often travel for work.

Please take a look around and if you like what you see, give me a call or schedule your first session.

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Meet Jerry Kuhn

Searching for the right therapist can be daunting. Perhaps you started with a simple google search, only to be bombarded with hundreds of different profiles and websites to sift through not really knowing if any of the therapists will get you or better yet, be able to help you. It sometimes feels like a crapshoot, doesn’t it? If so, I have created this page to help you quickly determine if I might be the right fit for you.


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